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Our Philosophy

The Poppin' College Tour utilizes a comprehensive approach to increasing academic performance and future orientation among today's urban and rural youth.
Our programming is:

We recognize that student needs differ from location to location. Our staff will conduct a preliminary needs assessment among the prospective student population and subsequently craft a program tailored specifically to your students' needs!


At its core, the Poppin' College Tour programming helps to identify and address the root issues that prevent today's youth from achieving success in and beyond the high school environment; and we do this in creative ways!


The Poppin' College Tour is as much a theory-based intervention as it is an must-have life experience! The program's workshops are crafted with the Health Belief Model and Theory of Planned Behavior in mind just to name a few!


The Poppin' College Tour hosts college day visit events on university campuses nationwide!  

Also, special services exist for schools located in underserved communities. Contact us today if you would like the Poppin' College Tour to come to your high or middle school!


Our team utilizes both qualitative and quantitative research methods to assess student progress and Poppin' College Tour program efficacy on an ongoing basis. To-date, our efforts have been shown to have a positive impact on all parties involved!


Benefits of participation in the PCT include an improved sense of self-worth, increased future ambition, an individualized plan for success for attendees, as well as improved graduation rates for participating high schools and increased visibility for colleges and universities.

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